Weather Line

All games are on as scheduled. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of Florida weather, it is best to wait until your game day to see if your game has been cancelled. Here's what you need to do to keep informed:

If there is inclement weather or a potential for cancellation, we update this weather page on our website as well as update our facebook page. You can also call our supervisors cell phones (Steve 906-282-4293 or John 732-320-7396). If a league is cancelled we begin by emailing and calling the coaches. We will send text messages as well, so if you want to receive these do not opt out of receiving texts. We try to make a decision as early as possible, but often times weather does not break until late. We make our decisions based on what the actual weather has done/is doing, not based on forecasts. If you are ever concerned, you can always contact us before you leave for a league.  

If you don't hear from us, then GAMES ARE ON!

OFFICE LINE (During normal business hours): 407-896-9510
Orlando Sport and Social Club Mobile: Steve at 906-282-4293 or John 732-320-7396.

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