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What is Sport and Social Kids?
Sport and Social Kids is committed to creating an environment that is truly focused on kids having fun. This league is about more than simply playing sports; it is about kids learning and loving to play sports. Each league features plenty of playing time for every child in a setting that demonstrates examples of good sportsmanship from teammates, coaches and parents.

How are age divisions formed?

League age is determined as of the cut-off date which is Jan 1 for Winter and Spring seasons, and Sept 1 for Fall Season.This means that your child's age on this date determines his/her age division for that season. We understand that some children may want to play with friends or siblings in a different age group. We allow children to play in a higher age group as long as the parents permit. Rarely do we allow children to play in a lower age group as this is not fair to the other, smaller children. We can deal with this on a case by case basis.

How do I register my child?

Our website www.SportandSocialKids.com is the best and easiest way to get your child signed up. You can call us at 407-896-9510 and get registered as well. We accept Amex, Visa and Mastercard on the website as a form of payment. We also accept check and cash, however payment must be received before the first game to guarantee a spot. LATE REGISTRATION - We do our best to accommodate any late registrations that come in. We cannot guarantee placement if you register after the deadline. 

What is included in the price?

Your child's registration fee includes a 7 game season followed by a tournament (in some divisions), a jersey, and end of season award. The fee also covers officials fees, field rental costs and the many other operational costs of the league. 

Is the website secure?

Yes. We use a third party for our registration. They are protected and secure by Verisign.

Can you hold a spot for me?

We do not hold any spots. The only way to get a confirmed spot in a league is to submit FULL payment. We accept no partial payments or deposits. There is a $25 for individuals cancellation fee for refunds requested prior to the league start date. If a participant cancels within a week of the start date there will be a $50 for individuals) cancellation fee.

What other equipment will my child need?

Cleats are recommended but not required. Rubber and plastic soled cleats are allowed, metal cleats are not permitted. If your child does not have cleats, closed toed sneakers are required. MOUTH PIECES ARE REQUIRED. Participants are highly encouraged to wear shorts WITHOUT POCKETS (when grabbing for the flag belt fingers can get caught in pockets and lead to injury.)  

How will I know what team my child is on?
We will send out placement e-mails to everyone before the league begins. We use email as our primary source of contact,sowe highly recommend having and using a valid e-mail address and making sure our email is not blocked by your spam program. In that placement e-mail we will give you the name and contact info of the coach and the schedule for the season. After we send that e-mail we let the coach take over and handle the team. 

How do I get on the same team as a friend of mine?

We can get your child and their friend(s) on the same team depending on availability. We try our best to accommodate all the requests that are given to us. When you register through our website there is a question on the registration form that asks about teammate requests. You can also always call us before we put the teams together (at least two weeks before the league starts).

Who decides the time and location of practice?

Your Head Coach in consultation with the team parents will decide when/where the team practices. In general practices start the week of the first game. Most teams will practice once before the first game. Most teams practice only once per week. Each coach will make the best decision for their team. 

How many kids are on a team and will my child get playing time?

We try to limit rosters to 8-10, but teams we form often get requests for children to add on to a team that some friends play on. We deal with this on a case by case basis, and due to this some team rosters may be larger than others. Sport and Social Kids requires coaches to play all children equally and can address any situation where this may not be the case.  

What is the skill level of the kids?

The skill level of the kids vary. There can be beginners all the way to more experienced in all of the age groups. We ask for your child's level of experience during registration so we can try our best to evenly disperse the players at each level of experience. 

How long is the season/How long is each game?

Most of our leagues consist of a seven game regular season and playoffs. Some leagues are shorter, but will be specifically denoted. Most of our games play a game within a one hour time frame. Per our game rules, each half is 20 minutes. Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season

How and when do I get my uniform?

Coaches will receive the uniform at the coaches meeting that is held one week before the first game. They will then distribute uniforms at the next practice. If necessary uniforms can be picked up the day of the first game.

How do I find my teams schedule?

Once we have formed your team you can visit the schedules section of the website to locate your schedule.

Why is there only a two-week schedule? When will we get the full season schedule?

 For some of our leagues we start off by giving everyone a two-week schedule. This allows us to still accept registrations until the second week. It also enables us to tweak things if something comes up or there is a change in the schedule. We always have the full season schedule available online and out at the league by the second week of the season.

When should I expect to hear from the coach?

 Coaches are parents just like you. They get information the same time as you. Most coaches will contact their team by email afer receiving the team rosters. Keep in mind that coaches will have a lot more information to give out after the coaches meeting, but it is important for the parent to communicate with the coach as well. We encourage parents to contact their coach as soon as they know what team their child is on. Please remember, these coaches are volunteers and parents just like you! 

What if it is raining on game day?

If there is inclement weather or a potential for cancellation, we update the weather page on our website as well as update our facebook page. You can also call our supervisors cell phones (Steve 906-282-4293, J'son 850-206-1053 or Mike 407-802-0794). If a league is cancelled we begin by emailing and calling the coaches. We try to make a decision as early as possible, but often times weather does not break until late. We make our decisions based on what the actual weather has done/is doing, not based on forecasts or potential threats of a storm. If you are ever concerned, you can always contact us before you leave for a league.

Can we change our team name?

We can change a teams name at any point in the season. Just call or email us the change and we will make the adjustment.

Do you provide health insurance for my child?

No, we do not. While we strive to provide the safest atmosphere possible, accidents do happen in sports. SSC does not provide any sort of health insurance for it's participants, and all children play at their own risk. All parents/guardians must approve a liability waiver release form upon registering.

How can I (parent/guardian) get involved?

The parents can get involved by volunteering to be a coach or assistant coach. You can also be a "team parent" and help coordinate snacks after the games as well assist in other ways.

How does the code of conduct work?

All parents, coaches and spectators must agree to conduct themselves appropriately while on, near, or off the playing field. All coaches must sign this code of conduct and all parents agree to it as part of their registration process. SSC has the right to warn or remove any parent that is not abiding by these principles. Click Here to View the Code of Conduct      

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